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Mail Order Promises of Love

Hearts beat with love, as hope and faith rekindle them. But happiness may be harder to reach than they thought…

A Bride to Tame the Rider’s Heart
Madeline Setter is not a stranger to loss, as she loses her husband before she even has a chance to build a life with him. When love at first sight knocks her off her feet, after she answers a mail-order bride ad for Wyoming, things change forever. Bill, a man who has resulted in dull-riding to make ends meet, shares the same burning flame of love for Madeline. But jealousy and misunderstanding threaten to tear everything apart. Can love emerge victorious?

The Bride Who Fell for the Wrong Twin 
They say Fate plays chess and always wins. Kathleen Morrow’s fate however, has in stored her a great twist. When she finds herself obliged to become a mail-order bride in Nebraska, she will fall for a man whose past is well hidden and whose identity is not the one he states. Can their love surpass numerous obstacles or will it be reduced to dust and ashes?

A Mail Order Miracle for his Broken Heart 
Dire need can be a bad advisor, and Justine Hadlock knows this very well. Yet, armed with her faith, she embarks on a journey from Texas to Colorado, to become a mail order bride. There, she meets Nelson, a miner whose soul is lost to him. Can she reach in the depths of his being to restore the light in his life, or will their many differences be their undoing?

*If you like engaging characters, heart- wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “Mail Order Promises of Love” !

Buy “Mail Order Promises of Love” and unlock the exciting story of Madeline, Kathleen, and Justine today!

Also available with Kindle Unlimited!

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